Daniel Haro


Network Monitoring,
Virtual Site Design,
Alert and Notifications


March 16th, 2012


Ethical Hacking,
Network Specialist,
Forensic IT,
Web Developer

Manufacture X-Ray. It is a project designed for the Maquila and Industry. Interactive map of industrial buildings where can be located and represente practically all the important processes and interact with them, with each coworker, operators, processes, computers, machinery, layers of electrical installations, networks, pipes, areas, parking lots, evacuation routes, bathrooms, etc . you can represent and interact with each of them as if you were physically there. Through interfaces to databases, connections to the NETWORK, personnel assistance systems, IP cameras, remote sessions, you can interact with all this as if you were there.:

Innovating Ideas

The most important thing about technology is being able to apply it to processes to simplify them, but protecting them and ensuring their performance is even better.

Knowledge of informatic technologies, network infrastructure, vulnerabilities, security, policies, developer and good practices can give us the experience to be a true IT forensic analyst.


A great satisfaction to be able to apply the knowledge of more than 30 years